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Employment and Emigration Abroad

Are you a professional? Do you have experience in a certain field? Are you considering an opportunity to move abroad? We are by your side to help you make the right choice together. Finding a job and a place to live in a foreign country requires having a wide repertoire of resources and contacts that we do have. The desire for cooperation is enough from your part as we will assist you in every step of the application process until its successful realization.

Study abroad

Are you a graduate and want to study abroad or have you finished university studies in Albania and want to specialize and at the same time have a different experience? Then you are in the right place. Everyone needs valuable information on a very important topic: THEIR FUTURE! Thanks to our contacts and collaborations with universities abroad you will find it easier to make the right selection according to what you are looking for. In addition to counseling we will assist and follow you step by step during this process.

Live and Invest in Albania

Investing in a foreign country requires from you to cooperate with the right partners and to have the necessary information. Albania is becoming a favorite destination for housing and investment. Taking the initiative to invest in a foreign country can make one experience a cultural shock and requires not only capital but also accurate knowledge and information about the country where you intend to invest. For this reason you need the assistance of someone who knows the Albanian market and legislation well in order for you to succeed. If you want to know more information you are welcome to contact us.



Qualified Professional Visa

A qualified profession is an employee with the proper training and knowledge on his/her work. He/she may have attended college or a vocational school or may have acquired his/her knowledge during work experience. Our agency offers countless opportunities in accordance with your education and experience.

Business Visa

Are you considering investing or expanding your business outside Albania? We are by your side to help you with small tips and secrets which will lead you to a guaranteed success.

American Lottery

As we know very year in October, the American lottery takes place. We assist you at every stage starting with the information, the application to proceed later on with the continuation of your application process in case you have been selected.

Student Visa

Education is the future. Thanks to our dedicated staff we are able to present you with the best options around the world according to your requirements and possibilities.

Work Permit

We are at your to help you find an employment contract that matches your education or experience. All those who already have an employment contract can contact us for further information.

Albanian Residence Permit

We offer consultancy for every foreign citizen who wants to study, work or invest in Albania. All packages that we provide are in accordance with Albanian legislation.

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