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“Work and Study” is the newest department, part of “Tik Agency Group”, present in the Albanian market since 2017.
Tik Agency offers a wide range of services, which are covered with full commitment and professionalism by its staff, such as:

  • Education consulting and mediation
  • Tourist packages (inside and outside the country)
  • Real estate
  • Official translations
  • Exchange programs
  • Au Pair
  • Work & Travel programs
  • Assistance to live, study and invest in Albania
  • Full visa assistance
  • Employment inside and outside the country

Work and Study meets all the requirements to offer you opportunities for studying and working in Albania and abroad, thanks to our dedication and tireless work to acquire and provide you with the latest information and opportunities in real time.

Keeping in touch with every bit of daily updates regarding education and jobs market, gives us the opportunity of knowing every need and requirement of individuals/ companies in Albania and abroad, in the field of work and education. That is to say we are fully committed to meet the requirements of our customers by offering them the best options.

Our focus of operation is divided in two directions. Firstly in the field of employment of individuals in Albania and abroad. Our role is to create a bridge between the market of foreign and Albanian employers and the market of jobseekers.

Secondly in our focus is the creation of opportunities to study abroad and assistance in every step of the application until it is completed successfully.

Work and Study in collaboration with experts from local and foreign immigration offers consultancy in the field of immigration. Counseling in this area is organized in such a way that before each applicant takes an important step to emigrate, study or get a job anywhere, first will get informed about the positive and negative aspects of his application. Our experts can contact you everywhere that you are and offer you a legal consultancy in accordance with the terms and conditions of international practices that proceed in the field. This service is possible and reachable for every Albanian citizen outside the Albanian borders without being necessary for them to be physically present near our offices.

Our agency offers equal opportunities and support to all job seekers. The job seeker mediated by the agency has the right to be informed about the minimal salary, the timetable, the work conditions and the health/social insurance.

We treat each jobseeker application seriously and give everyone the opportunity to make his/her wish come true as your success is our success.

We will assist you in applying for all visa categories such as:

  • Student visa
  • Work visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Emigration visa

We enable you to find your space in companies that suit your education and profession.


Studying abroad is an unforgettable experience but the application process is quite lengthy and often becomes tedious. We are here to assist you in every step of this process. Thanks to our contacts with foreign universities we will provide you with all the necessary information for you to make the right choice for your career or field of specialization based on your abilities.

Among the most successful programs we offer is that of foreign language courses (lasting 4 – 48 weeks depending on your choice) in cooperation with the best schools of language in Europe.

We invite you to experience one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Where else would it be better than to study a foreign language in the country where that language is spoken and at the same time be in direct contact with people and culture.

We will assist you in every step of the application, starting from the preparation of documents, their translation and notarization, booking the ticket and up to the arrangement of accommodation where you can choose from various options such as to stay at the home of a German host family which will become your second home.

Student first

Students are at the center of our focus and activities. We want them to have a successful and at the same time memorable experience while studying abroad. We guide students to make the right choice based on what is best for their personal and academic needs as well as offer our support to students before, during and after their study experience abroad.

Diversity, inclusion and access

Studying abroad is already a dream come true for many students and you can be one of them. We work closely with a wide network of universities and foreign partners enabling us to offer affordable options to you.


We live in a world that is evolving at a rapid pace and we try to move at the same pace. Foreign universities are increasingly opening up to international students as learning is a global and inclusive experience. For this reason, their policies regarding the admission of foreign students are constantly changing to best suit the needs of students. We strive to stay updated to bring any news to you.

Our mission is to be the first and indisputable choice for all young people, but not only, for the successful realization of their applications to study and work abroad.





  • Our aim is to raise the standards in the recruitment process
  • Professional development and training for the candidates
  • Mediation and professionalism in employment abroad
  • Successful implementation of applications for the continuation of studies abroad

Personnel recruitment services are excellent resources in your job search as well as for the continuation of your studies in a foreign country.

Work and Study makes this possible by coordinating your skills and education with the requests and offers from various international companies and universities.

Work and Study offers you countless options that suit your needs and aspirations. An agency that has experience, dedication and professionalism at its core values remains always the right choice for everyone.

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