High School Exchange – Chile

  • Age : 14 to 18
  • Location : All over the country
  • Boarding : Full board
  • Accommodation : Host family
  • Length : 3 weeks / 6 weeks / 8 weeks /Term / Semester / Academic year
  • Type : Homestay and school integration/ Private


Application deadline : 4 months before arrival. Late applications may be accepted, depending on availability and visa processing times.

Requirements : Students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted on the program. Two years of Spanish study and good academic results are required. For students with a lower Spanish level, a two week course may be required.


Program  Ref  Net agent 
Homestay and school integration in Chile 3 weeks  IMCHI 1 190 EUR
Homestay and school integration in Chile 6 weeks  IMCH2 1 890 EUR
Homestay and school integration in Chile 8 weeks IMCH3  2 490 EUR
High School exchange in Chile Term  ZCHT1/2/3/4 3 790 EUR
High School exchange in Chile Semester  ZCHS1/ZCHS2 4 390 EUR
High School exchange in Chile Academic year  ZCHY1/ZCHY2 5 090 EUR



The geography of Chile is perhaps the most impressive: the country extends some 4300 km from the desert north to the glacial south. As a result, students will discover a huge variety of landscapes and weather conditions. Students are placed in selected private high schools and hosted by volunteer and warm Chilean families. International students usually go with their host sibling to the same school, sometimes in the same grade. The schools welcome students from Grade 1 to 12. The average size of schools varies from 400 to 1200 students; schools include all levels (1st to 12th grade).



General basic education is compulsory and lasts for eight years. Secondary education (Educación media) lasts for four years. Students choose to specialize either in Humanistic-Scientific education or in Technical-Professional education. The Humanistic-Scientific branch offered in the “Liceos”, is a preparation for higher education. The Technical-Professional branch is a two year common course with two years of specialization divided into five branches: industrial, technical, agricultural, commercial and maritime. Students who successfully complete their secondary education obtain the “Licencia de Educación Media” or the title of “Técnico de Nivel Medio”. Grades 9 and 10 are standardized. From grade 11 though (Tercero Medio) students may choose to focus more on Sciences or Humanities. In this case either Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry or Literature, Philosophy, History respectively receive greater attention. Mandatory subjects are usually Language and Communication, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), History, Geography, Social Science, English, P.E., Visual Arts or Music, and Technology during the first 2 years of High School and Philosophy and Psychology during the last 2 years of High School. The school year runs from mid February to mid-December. Graduation is not possible.

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