High School Exchange – New Zealand, Christchurch

  • Age : 13 to 18
  • Location : Christchurch
  • Boarding : Full board
  • Accommodation : Host family
  • Length : Term / Semester / Academic Year
  • Type : Public

Application deadline : 

5 months before arrival. Late applications may be accepted, depending on availability and visa processing times.


Requirements : 

Students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted on the program. A minimum of two years of English study and good academic results are required. An ESOL, IELTS or TOEFL test is required as evidence of English proficiency in Year 13; for all other years, an English test is held upon arrival.

Program  Ref  Net agent 
Homestay and High School in Christchurch Term  IMNZC 9 300 NZD
High School in Christchurch Semester  ZNZS3/ZNZS4 15 890 NZD
High School in Christchurch Academic Year  ZNZY2 27 700 NZD


Christchurch: the school welcomes about 1750 students, from which 100 are international students. Students are attracted to the region by the South Island’s scenic beauty and the

picturesque garden and riverside city landscape. The school is well known throughout New Zealand for academic excellence and for its arts and music programmes. The school is set in large attractive grounds with a number of playing fields, tennis courts and a new

gymnasium. It also places a strong emphasis on outdoor education. Rock bands, orchestra, jazz, dance groups, local and national sporting competitions are part of the school tradition and culture. The school is a large school with extensive grounds and buildings. There are a several grass playing fields, tennis/netball courts and a gymnasium

that provide an excellent range of physical activities. The school has a well resourced library and specialist classrooms are available for technical, science and computing subjects.



The educational system is divided in three levels: primary school (Ages 5 – 11), intermediate school (Ages 11 – 13) and secondary school (Ages 13 – 18). The Colleges offer classes to students from Year 9 to Year 13 (secondary school). In Year 9 and 10, mandatory subjects are English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, and Physical Education; students choose three to four more from a range of elective subjects. During year 11, they may choose a larger number of subjects but Mathematics, English and Sciences remain mandatory. For the last two years, students have access to a wide range of electives subjects with only English language remaining compulsory in Year 12.

An intensive English language programme is available for students who do not have the English proficiency to manage mainstream subjects. The school has a broad subject base; students typically study English and five subjects of their choice. From Year 12, students may specialize in Arts, Sciences, Foreign Languages (French and Spanish available), Social Sciences or Technology. The school year runs from February to December.

Graduation is possible.

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