Homestay & High School – Argentina

  • Age : 14 to 19
  • Location : All over the country
  • Boarding : Full board
  • Accommodation : Host family
  • Length : 4 weeks / 6 weeks / 8 weeks / 12 weeks
  • Type : Homestay and school integration / Homestay and school integration


Application deadline : 

3 months before arrival. Late applications may be accepted, depending on availability and visa processing times.


Requirements : 

Students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted. Minimum one year of Spanish study is required.


Program  Ref  Net agent
Homestay and school integration 4 weeks IMARG 2 590 USD
Homestay and school integration 6 weeks  IMARG0 2 690 USD
Homestay and school integration 8 weeks IMARG1 2 890 USD
Homestay and school integration 12 weeks  IMARG2 3 790 USD



Within this program, students are completely immersed in the Spanish language and do not have opportunities to speak their own mother tongue: this allows a quick improvement of the language skills. Students get the unique opportunity to discover a new way of life and a new culture first hand, not like a tourist! The homestay program is

the most affordable language travel! This program is ideally suited to mature and independent students, eager to meet new people from abroad and with enough language proficiency to communicate with host family members. The pure homestay program

is a true cultural exchange. Students are hosted in volunteer Argentinean host families, who wish to share their everyday life with a foreign student. Students are placed in the

following provinces: Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, Santa Fé, and in smaller cities in Patagonia. International students take advantage of their stay in Argentina to discover its rich culture, made of Latin American and European influence, as well as its geographical diversity.



International students go to school with their host siblings or children of the neighborhood. They attend regular classes with their classmates and participate in all school activities. This is a cultural program, not an academic program. Students should not expect to receive any grade transcript. Education in Argentina is divided into three tiers: Pre-School education (one grade, from age 5); Primary education (seven grades, from age 6 to 12); Secondary Education (five grades, from age 13 to 17/18). At the end of the mandatory Secondary Education cycle, students leave school with the certificate of secondary graduation, ready to enrol into higher education. However, other subjects are based on an individual school’s offerings, such as: Technical Drawing, Biology, Physics,

Plastic and Visual Arts, Chemistry, French, Italian, Latin, etc. Most schools go from 08:00 am until 01:00 pm. Some schools go from 01:30 pm until 06:30 pm.

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