Homestay & High School – Canada

  • Age : 14 to 17
  • Location : Winnipeg / Manitoba
  • Boarding : Half board on weekdays and full board on weekends
  • Accommodation : Host family
  • Length : 8 weeks / 10 weeks / 12 weeks / 14 weeks / 16 weeks
  • Type : Homestay and school integration


Application deadline : 

3 months before arrival.


Requirements : 

Students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted on the program. At least two years of English language studies.

Program  Ref  Net agent 
Homestay and school integration 8 weeks  IMCA1 5 295 CAD
Homestay and school integration 10 weeks  IMCA2 6 330 CAD
Homestay and school integration 12 weeks  IMCA3 7 365 CAD
Homestay and school integration 14 weeks  IMCA4 8 400 CAD
Homestay and school integration 16 weeks IMCA5 9 435 CAD



Within this program, students are completely immersed in the English language and do not have opportunities to speak their own mother tongue: this allows a quick improvement of the language skills. Students get the unique opportunity to discover a new way of life and a new culture first hand, not like a tourist! The homestay program is the most affordable language travel! This program is ideally suited to mature and independent students, eager to meet new people from abroad and with enough language proficiency to communicate with host family members. The pure homestay program

is a true cultural exchange. In Canada, students live with a local host family and attend the local public high school. International students become an integral part of the school community when they get involved in the school’s sports, arts, and cultural teams and clubs. They get a better understanding and experience of the Canadian High Schools and make friends among Canadian teenagers. Extracurricular activities usually on offer: musical bands and choirs, theatre, Debating Clubs, Environmental Clubs, Art Clubs, Chess Clubs, Grad/Prom committees, Math Clubs, School Newspaper, Student Council,

Yearbook. Students are place for short term homestay and high school integration program in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


International students go to school with their host siblings or children of the neighborhood. They attend regular classes with their classmates and participate in all school activities. This is a cultural program, not an academic program. Students should not expect to receive any grade transcript. Education in Canada is generally divided

into Elementary (Primary School or Public School), followed by Secondary (High School) and Postsecondary (University or College). The curriculum consists of an academic program with English or French, History, Mathematics etc. and an optional part that can be varied depending on the school.

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