Winter Homestay – Australia

  • Age : 14 to 17
  • Location : Sydney
  • Boarding : Full board
  • Accommodation : Host family
  • Length : 3 weeks
  • Type : Pure Homestay


Application deadline :

 6 months before arrival. Late applications may be accepted, depending on availability and visa processing times.


Requirements : 

Every student must be interviewed in his home country before being accepted in the program.

Program  Ref  Net agent 
Pure Homestay 3 weeks  IMAS3  3 200 AUD



International students stay with their Australian host family for a 3 week period in July (Australian winter) and are immersed in Australian culture. Australian host families enjoy the opportunity to share their country, culture and way of life with a young person from another country. Students are welcomed by semi-retired/retired couples and/or single adults and do not attend school. They are taken around Sydney with their host parent/parents to fully experience the Australian culture and lifestyle. There is a short Orientation upon their arrival into Sydney and will have support from local Nacel

coordinators in Sydney during their stay if they need assistance. Host families are interviewed and visited in their home by a Nacel Australasia coordinator. They are also

required to undergo a suitability check for being responsible for children who are not their own. The student is required to cover personal expenses including toiletries, transport to and from school, clothing, personal entertainment and outings with family and friends. Sydney – with it’s breathtaking harbour and iconic Opera House and Harbour

Bridge and renown worldwide.


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